Tips For Storing Jewelry

With these 10 tips for storing jewelry, keep your collection safe and ready to wear! Most people put a lot of time, effort, and money into their jewelry. If you do not store it the right way, you run the risk of important items becoming lost or damaged. Avoid this fate with these 10 helpful tips on storing jewelry.

  1. Never hang quality jewelry. Pieces, especially necklaces and bracelets, should be kept flat to avoid putting strain on the jewelry. For example, never hang a necklace that uses string or silk string because it will stretch and eventually break. Hanging jewelry is best used for metal chain style pieces.

  2. Don't let pieces touch each other. You want to give them room to breathe. Jewelry can also become scratched by brushing up against each other. For instance, some gemstones are harder than others so the softer gemstone may end up with scratches on its surface.

  3. Group like styles together. If styles are kept together, it will make getting ready faster and easier.

  4. Choose the right jewelry box. Select an option that has fully lined drawers to avoid scratches to your jewelry.

  5. Keep it in a dry, cool place. Moisture and heat can damage gemstones and metals used in jewelry. For example, certain metals will change the colors to a tarnished green state. Even though the jewelry is hopefully stored in a closed box, you want to keep the box itself away from direct sunlight. The heat can travel through the jewelry box and increase the heat and humidity which will affect your jewelry.

  6. Clean your jewelry before you store it. Storing dirty jewelry can lead to damage to not only that piece of jewelry, but any pieces stored in proximity of it. Make sure it is clean and thoroughly dried prior to storage.

  7. Separate the metals. Gold, silver, and platinum have different densities. If a softer metal comes in contact with a denser metal, it can lead to damage. Another thing to consider is that silver needs to be stored with anti-tarnish strips because it is vulnerable to sulfur gases that turn it green.

  8. Store diamonds and gemstones in cushioning. While a flat, fabric lined surface is great for metals, stones need extra support against damage.

  9. Never store stones with metal. Diamonds are the hardest stones on earth and they can scratch soft metals if they come into contact.

  10. Pearls should be stored in a fabric-lined bag. They are soft and fragile which means they require extra protection.

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