Stainless Steel Jewelry Guide

Learn more information about this versatile metal with our stainless steel jewelry guide. This metal is popular for several reasons, but there are things you should know. With this stainless steel buying guide, find out about durability, styles, and much more!


This metal is an alloy of others such as iron, carbon, and chromium, but can also have trace amounts of nickel, magnesium, and other metals. This is one of the strongest metals used in jewelry. We sell only 316L stainless steel jewelry. This metal has a low heat conductivity rating meaning it won't become damaged or warped by exposure to heat. It's also very lightweight to wear despite the fact that it's incredibly strong. This type of metal is resistant to breakage, shattering, and tarnish because of the overall strength of the metal. Stainless steel is used in buildings and bridges due to the fact that it's so strong which makes it great for jewelry wearers that are rougher on their accessories.


Stainless steel jewelry offers a highly reflective luster that makes it great for wedding bands, necklaces, and more. It comes in several hues from an almost white tone to a black tone with varying shades of gray in between the two extremes. It is comparable in appearance to platinum accessories, but much more affordable. The polish on stainless steel accessories will last for many years, and when it does wear off, it can be easily restored to return the accessory to its original appeal and beauty.


While stainless steel can be seen in a variety of jewelry selections, it's especially desirable in wedding bands and rings for men. The overall durability of the metal makes it perfect for men that work with their hands since the metal can handle rugged conditions without bending. Stainless steel rings work well with inlays to show off the beauty of the color with elements such as cable, contrasting precious metal, and even gemstones. Stainless steel is also great for chain necklaces since it's strong and won't break unless there is intense pressure.

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