Gold Versus Silver

If you are struggling with gold vs. silver, find out more facts right here! Choosing jewelry from these two metals shouldn't be hard. When you know the difference between them, the gold vs. silver debate will be easier to handle. When talking about gold and silver jewelry, it is important to look at certain aspects and compare them. The aspects to consider are appearance, cost, durability, and care.


There is a notable difference in appearance between these two metal options. Gold in its purest form is yellow. Silver is gray toned. Both of these metals are considered softer metals so they are often mixed, or alloyed, with other metals to create a stronger composition. This will also change the appearance. For instance, when silver is combined with copper to become sterling silver, it takes on a whiter luster. Gold can also be combined with other metals, such as copper or zinc, to create the more familiar options of white gold and rose gold. Both gold and silver have a beautiful luster that make them popular. They both offer beauty, but gold offers a higher luster, especially in white gold, than silver.


There is no denying that gold is a sought-after metal. It is also rarer than silver which helps to drive up the cost. This is not it say that you can't find affordable pieces of gold jewelry. The price will be determined by several factors such as the quality of the gold, the alloy figures, and the overall piece. For instance, you may find a heavy necklace made of silver that costs more than a hollow gold chain. But in general, gold jewelry retains its value more than silver does.


Both are considered softer metals. This means they will show scratches more easily than other metals. They each have their own special concerns. Gold will show scratches more easily than silver. Silver will tarnish from oxidation. Gold is incredibly long-lasting. Silver isn't as long lasting, but it won't show scratches as readily. Gold is denser than silver and more malleable. Gold metal holds gemstones more securely than silver. For this reason, very few engagement rings are sold in sterling silver.


Gold requires very little in the way of care. You should perform regular cleanings with warm soapy water for gold jewelry. However, silver needs more attention in terms of cleaning with the added issue of avoiding oxidation. You will need to use a special cleaner for silver and use anti-oxidation strips to keep tarnish at bay. All sterling silver jewelry tarnishes with exposure to the air.

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