Four C's Of Diamonds

Learn more about the four C's of diamonds so you can buy with confidence! Many people are intimidated by the idea of buying diamonds. With this helpful insight into the four C's of diamonds, know exactly what to look for!


The first element to examine when buying diamonds is cut. This is the factor that will determine how much light gets through and will impact the overall brilliance and beauty of the stone. The cut refers to the quality of the facets in the stone. This is often confused with shape. For example, round, princess cut, emerald cut, and oval are all cuts or shapes for diamonds. Each cut will determine how much light reflection is given per stone. The cut, not the color, is the crucial aspect of a diamond's fire or "life". The most important thing to ask about is the cut rating for the stone. Look for a stone with very good to excellent cut grade. There are five grades of cut: poor, fair, good, very good and excellent. It is worth paying more for a diamond with a better cut that weighs slightly less. Make sure you examine this aspect carefully to find the stone that meets your desires.


The color of diamonds ranges from clear, colorless stones to different hues of blue, red, yellow, and other colors. Color can also be the slight reflections of color that are picked up by the light as it travels through the stone. For clear diamonds, they can still range from clear to yellowish brown. When choosing this type of the diamond, it is important to note the metal type of the piece of jewelry. For instance, if you are using yellow gold, you may want to opt for a clearer stone to avoid an overabundance of yellow tones.


The next element to look at is clarity. The clarity is determined by how many small markings called inclusions are found within the stone. These small marks are naturally occurring in the diamond and will help to identify your stone in the event it is ever stolen. You want as few inclusions as possible, but not a stone completely free of them since they do serve a purpose. They help diamond cutters choose how to craft a diamond from rough, and they are a diamond's "fingerprint" that helps everyone identify them.

Carat Weight

The final aspect to consider is the carat of the stone. This is how much the stone weighs. Obviously, the more a stone weighs, the higher the carat. All other things being equal, when the carat is higher so is the price.

Additional Questions?

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