Difference Between Genuine And Simulated Stones

While gemstones are a beautiful ornamentation for jewelry, some people are concerned they don't have enough knowledge on the subject to buy them with confidence. With so much confusion in the marketplace, it is important to know the difference between genuine and simulated stones.

Genuine Stones Versus Simulated Stones

A genuine gemstone is one that is found in a natural source and has undergone treatment to help improve the cut or appearance. A simulated stone is made in a lab using materials that are not the same as the chemical composition of the gemstone it is a substitute for. It should be noted that there is another classification people use when referring to gemstones which is called created gemstones. A created gemstone is one made from the same materials as the authentic, but created in a lab instead of being mined from the Earth. Remember when shopping that a genuine and a created gemstone can be created differently yet still are both considered real gemstones. A simulated stone is generally what people consider a fake stone. The main difference between genuine and simulated stones is the matter of composition. If it is not made of real stone from the earth or have the same basic composition, it is most likely a fake.

Why Does It Matter?

There are a few reasons why it should matter which type of stone is used in the jewelry you buy. For example, you may find a piece of jewelry with a simulated stone, but like the piece so much that you don't even mind. Price is also another big reason people might choose simulated stones. Often times, unless a person knows what to look for, these artificial stones can pass for real and meet their individual standards. Another thing to remember is that created stones are not the same as fake stones. Created stones are great for when you want a specific color, cut, or clarity because there is more control over the process than with what are considered naturally occurring genuine gemstones. In fact, most genuine gemstones have a more muddled or foggy clarity than created stones. Genuine is also much more expensive so if price is a factor, consider created gemstones. In the end, it is your preference that will be the deciding factor as to which one of the three is best for your needs.

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