Diamond Jewelry Care

When you know the basics of diamond care, your jewelry will last longer. Diamonds can be costly so the better you care for them the fewer issues you will have. Here are several tips on diamond care that you need to know.

  1. Remove diamond jewelry when cleaning, playing sports, or exercising. These activities can easily lead to damage. From the harshness of cleaning chemicals to sweat loosening the stone from the setting, it is best to just remove the jewelry to avoid an issue. While diamonds are the hardest gemstones known to man, they are not indestructible. Many people damage their diamonds because they fail to recognize that diamonds can become scratched or even chipped.

  2. Use care when applying makeup, lotion, or hair care products. The everyday items you use can create a buildup on your diamond jewelry, as well as be potentially abrasive. A good way to avoid having concerns about this issue is to put your jewelry on last.

  3. Don't wear jewelry in the shower or bath. Soap scum can cause your jewels to take on a dingy, dirty appearance.

  4. Never wear diamonds when swimming. The chlorine used in swimming pools can damage diamonds, loosen settings, and tarnish metals. The ocean and lakes can also be a concern since you may lose important jewelry and never find it. It is best to leave your diamond jewelry at home when enjoying the water.

  5. Clean diamonds at home weekly. If you wear them every day, a weekly cleaning is necessary to enhance the brilliance and avoid them becoming cloudy.

  6. Professional service by your jeweler should be performed once a year. This means the piece will not only receive the in-depth cleaning it needs, but they will also check your setting to ensure a secure fit.

  7. The best way to clean your diamond jewelry at home is with a soft bristle toothbrush or a jewelry brush. You can use a special jewelry cleaning formula provided by a jeweler or create your own gentle cleaner. You can either mix a mild detergent with warm water or create a mixture of warm water and window cleaner. Take care to consider the metal as well as the diamond. Never use anything abrasive or with ammonia in the ingredients list. Soak jewelry in the solution you have decided on for a few minutes and then use the brush to clean the piece more thoroughly. Always dry jewelry completely with a soft towel to avoid scratches, as well as moisture which can damage certain metals.

  8. Make sure diamonds are stored in a safe place when not being worn. Never leave them in direct sunlight, heat, moisture-prone areas, or places where they may come in contact with harsh chemicals. Use a jewelry box to avoid any issues or damage. Choosing a fabric lined or cushioned interior will make the jewelry box even safer.

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