Diamond Cuts

There are several diamond cuts available to meet your preference, and each cut has a different shape. The shape will dictate the overall brilliance of the stone so it is important to know which cut you might like when choosing a diamond. This list of shapes covers the most commonly seen diamond cuts in jewelry stores around the world.


This shape is similar to the emerald cut but differs slightly. The shape of the Asscher diamond cut is more square for an added look of depth to the stone. The corners are cut off and there are eight total sides. The small sides are difficult to see once the stone is mounted in a ring, because prongs cover up the corners. The classic Asscher cut has 58 facets.


This is a square shape with rounded corners that is named after the way it resembles a couch cushion. Before round cuts became the most desirable option, this was the most sought after shape for almost a century. This is why many antique or vintage diamond pieces feature this shape.


One of the few diamond cuts that can help add dimension to a stone, this cut creates what is called a hall of mirrors effect. It originated from the way emeralds were cut and is now a popular choice for diamonds as well.


One of the most romantic cuts, it symbolizes love and romance. This is a popular cut for promise rings and fashion jewelry, but it is starting to be seen in engagement rings as well. For this cut to get adequate light reflection, it needs to be a substantial size. The smaller the stone, the harder it will be to see the shape, and the brilliance will be minimized.


The oval shape has a Victorian appeal. The shape is elongated which makes it perfect for creating a dramatic look. It will also appear larger than it is because of the shape. The surface area being bigger will help with radiance.


This cut is the easiest to tell if the cut is not high quality. A pear shape diamond cut will have tapered points at the top and bottom. The center will be rounder than the points, and the points should line up perfectly. If it is uneven or looks a little off, it is best to look for a better cut.


This cut is commonly seen in engagement rings. The square shape allows for ample light reflection for a considerable amount of brilliance. The cut is also capable of working with a variety of setting types and ring styles.


This cut combines elements of round and square style cuts into one. It is a rectangular shape with facets on the crown and pavilion. It offers an improved light reflection over other square shapes for added brilliance.


This is the most popular diamond cut of all time. It is the cut that allows for the most light to travel through the stone. This results in the best brilliance based on cut. Round is also easy to use in a variety of settings and styles.

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