Titanium Rings Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated Sep 11, 2021
Which titanium alloy do you use?
Titanium jewelry is available in many alloys. Each titanium jewelry item description refers to the particular type of titanium used. We're pleased to provide unique, branded formulas of titanium as listed below.

Titanium is immune to corrosion from salt-water and most industrial and organic chemicals. This is due to titanium's very thin, tenacious and highly protective surface oxide Ti02. If worn or scratched, the oxide layer will immediately restore itself in the presence of air or water.

There are four grades of commercially pure [CP] titanium [99%]. Each grade differs by the amount of oxygen used in the alloy. We sell mainly grades 1 and 2. CP Titanium is known for its high purity, bio compatibility and strength. CP Titanium has a higher white luster than aircraft grade titanium.

Ti™ Titanium
Ti™ rings are individually machined from a solid bar of Ti 6Al-4V*. This alloy is comprised of:

90% titanium
6% aluminum
4% vanadium

While "pure" grades of titanium [99.9%] used in most other titanium jewelry is very durable, Ti 6Al-4V is 2x stronger and 2.5x to 5x harder. Ti 6Al-4V is more expensive and more difficult to machine. However, discerning titanium customers treasure its increased strength and durability.

How can I ensure the correct ring size?
Before placing your order please confirm the proper finger size. All of our titanium rings are comfort fit. This means extra metal is used to make the inside of the band slightly domed, resulting in a very comfortable fit. The center part fits closer to the finger than the outer edges. A comfort fit ring will fit looser on the finger because it is not flat on the inside but rather rounded. Therefore when you are getting sized please use the narrow finger sizer which is 3 mm wide, (as opposed to the wider one of 6.5 mm.) This will provide an accurate finger size. Do not use the wider finger sizer as your ring will fit too loosely.
Which finishes are available?
Here is the manufacturer's description of titanium finishes:

Polished: Tripoli and green ruge bring a near mirror finish to titanium and inlays alike.

Satin: Subtly brushed using emery cloth, this finish serves to enhance contrasts of titanium and inlays.

Stone: A mizzi wheel provides a rough looking but very lustrous finish.

Sandblast: Sandblasting darkens the colors and allows for stark contrasts. This finish will wear to a deep sheen.

Which ring widths are available?
Our titanium rings are available in a variety of widths, from 3mm to 14mm. Please contact us if you need a ring in a special width!
Can a titanium ring be sized?
Titanium rings CANNOT be sized like a gold, silver or platinum ring. The metal is too hard for conventional jewelers' tools.
Do you engrave titanium rings?
YES - by special request. The engraving fee is $50.00. Please note: because engraving is permanent and creates a heirloom, we cannot accept returns on engraved items.
Do titanium rings conduct electricity?
Titanium is a poor conductor of electricity -- much less so than gold or copper. However, titanium IS NOT an insulator -- it will still conduct an electrical charge. For a ring with the lowest conductivity rate, we strongly recommend black ceramic carbide. For a selection of black ceramic rings
Are titanium rings comfortable?
YES. Your titanium ring is made using our full inside round comfort fit feature. This makes the ring more comfortable to wear. Most other titanium carbide rings do not have this feature.
Are the titanium bracelets adjustable?
We do not recommend adjusting these. Each bracelet is held together by pins, but 9 times out of 10 when the pen is removed it has to be removed with such force that the pin usually ends up being damaged in the process. Our supplier does not supply extra pins so if a pin does get damaged there will be no way to get another one.
What are the warranty terms?
All Ti™ titanium jewelry is guaranteed for life. If a piece should EVER fail structurally, it will be replaced at no charge. Furthermore, should any stone be lost from any piece during normal wear, it will be replaced at no charge. Colored stone and nugget inlays are guaranteed for one year. Insurance coverage provides additional protection.
My titanium ring doesn't fit me anymore. Can I get an exchange?
Ti™ Titanium rings are covered by the manufacturer, exclusive lifetime insurance. Coverage includes exchange for a new ring in the event that a different finger size is ever needed or if a ring ever needs to be cut off. Also, any insured item will be replaced in the event of loss. At the time of exchange or replacement, a deductible will be charged. Deductibles are currently:

Non-inlayed titanium: $15

gold or silver and titanium: $35

platinum and titanium: $50

Titanium with diamonds, other stones or nuggets: $100

Exclusions: The warranty is voided if the ring is altered in any way. Engraving, soldering, sizing, polishing, ultra sonic cleaning, steaming or other signs of abuse will void the warranty.

What if a titanium ring gets stuck on your finger, can it be safely removed if necessary?
If a titanium ring must be removed, but it is too small to fit over the knuckle, an electric ring saw may utilized. A separating or cutting disk on a flex shaft will cut through a titanium ring. Most bench jewelers possess this equipment and may assist you. The ring should be cut on opposite sides so that it comes off in two pieces. The metal can get hot, so it may be desirable to lay the hand in a shallow pan of cool water during this procedure.
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