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Last updated April 13, 2017

Let our helpful promise ring FAQ answer all your questions. Finding the perfect promise ring for that special someone in your life may seem like a big job. From navigating style to understanding the etiquette surrounding this personal gift, our promise ring frequently asked questions is here to help!

What Does A Promise Ring Mean?

A promise ring is a ring that represents a pledge or commitment between two people. It is usually used for romantic unions, but can also signify friendship, chastity, and many other promises. The most common meaning behind this accessory is the intention to someday get married.

How Do I Buy A Promise Ring?

Buying a promise ring requires a few elements of planning. The first step is to learn the right ring size. You will need to know the ring size of your love to ensure a properly fitting ring. If you are hoping to surprise the recipient with this gift, there are a few ways to figure out this information discretely. You can use a ring sizing tool that you wrap around the inside of a ring for accurate sizing or borrow an existing ring the recipient of your gift already wears to get a proper sizing. If you do not have a ring sizing chart, you can trace the inside of the ring on a piece of paper and bring it to a jeweler for assistance in determining the size. While most rings can be professionally resized, taking the time and energy to get the right size shows how much you care.

Once you have chosen your jeweler and determined the right size, you should begin to consider the elements of style for the ring. The first step is to choose the metal type. Choose a metal type that works with her existing style preferences. For example, if she usually wear yellow gold accessories, choosing a silver promise ring will look out of place.

What About Custom Promise Rings?

The most popular option for promise rings is to design your own style because it adds a personal touch. If you are choosing a custom ring, you will need to plan ahead. For instance, many of our personalized promise rings are carefully crafted to order. They take one to two weeks to be completed. We recommend that you engrave your name and your loved one's name, or special messages on promise rings. Joy Jewelers offers a wide range of engravable promise rings. If engraving isn't the right choice for you, consider a beautiful birthstone option. Our birthstone promise rings feature two birthstones, one for each person, to add a personal element to this piece of jewelry. You can also add some extra beauty by using gemstones. A few popular options for gemstones include sapphire, emerald, ruby, and more.

How Do I Choose a Jeweler?

When buying your promise ring, make sure you choose fine jewelry made with high standards. You can also choose an option backed by a warranty or satisfaction guarantee. This means that if your recipient is unhappy with the ring, you can return it or have it replaced. You want to choose a reputable name in fine jewelry with years of experience. Another factor to consider is variety. If a jeweler has limited options to choose from, you may not be able to find the option that meets your taste.

How Do I Choose The Right Promise Ring?

The two most important factors are style and metal type. Here are a few tips and things to consider that will help you find the right promise ring.

  • Consider a matching set. This is a piece of jewelry that works best as a set. If you are showing your commitment to your beloved, giving them a ring is a beautiful gesture, but giving them a ring that is part of a matching set is even more special. This type of ring has many options in terms of style. Choose from something feminine such as hearts or the infinity symbol for her while choosing a similar style ring designed with a masculine appeal for men.
  • Select the rings in complementary style if not choosing a set. For instance, choosing a pair of rings in the same two-tone gold can create a beautiful match.
  • Consider the embellishments. Gemstones are an affordable way to add sparkle to a promise ring. Another option is a diamond promise ring. If diamonds are a bit too pricey for the young couple still starting out in the world, cubic zirconia gives the appearance of diamonds without the associated price tag.
  • Aside from the style, the metal is the other important element. Promise rings are available in sterling silver, white gold, and yellow gold. Yellow gold offers a traditional appeal similar to an old-fashioned wedding band. White gold is a more modern option that is sleek and visually appealing. Sterling silver is a fine alternative as well. Of course, the budget may be a deciding factor when choosing the metal for a promise ring with sterling silver being the more affordable option.

What Are Traditional Styles Versus Modern Styles?

There are many styles that lean more towards tradition. A few examples would be a basic sterling silver band for him with engraving. This no-frills approach is a traditional route, as are options with hearts since they are an old-style symbol of love. The more simple the ring in terms of embellishments such as diamonds or gemstones, the more classic the style. These styles are also ideal for younger couples looking for a promise ring on a budget. For a more modern take on this time-honored accessory, choose two toned metals. Combining different metals creates a striking contrast that is popular for on trend looks.

When Did Promise Rings Start?

It is difficult to pinpoint the exact starting point in time for this accessory. According to The Knot, the notion of using rings to show commitment and love outside of the wedding band dates back several hundred years. The promise ring as we know it today has been a popular pick for the last decade with many celebrities bringing them into the spotlight.

What Are The Origins of the Promise Ring?

While the use of engagement bands dates back to the 2nd century in Rome, promise rings have taken a longer time to evolve into what we call promise rings in modern times. During the 16th century in England, a prevailing form of this kind of ring, which was exchanged between partners, was called Posey rings. These rings featured lines of poetry related to love.

Do Promise Rings Have Different Meanings?

Certainly! Promise rings have often been confused with purity rings. A purity ring is intended to signify to family, friends, and God that you will stay pure until marriage. This accessory is a personal commitment to more than one person. A promise ring is intended to show your commitment to your partner or intention to eventually get married. In fact, many people think of a promise ring as a pre-engagement ring for this very reason.

Is There Any Promise Ring Etiquette I Should Know?

There are a few understood rules of etiquette surrounding the tradition of promise rings. Here are a few to be aware of to avoid a faux pas.

  • A promise ring should only be given after dating for a length of time. The traditional rule is a year of dating as a minimum guideline before making such as commitment.
  • They can be worn on any finger. Tradition has it that the ring should be worn on the ring finger of the left hand. According to The Knot, this tradition is because the ancient Romans thought it was more fitting for love since there is a vein running through that finger which is connected to the heart.
  • There are no rules regarding presenting the gift. For example, the giver of the ring does not to be on bended knee as with a marriage proposal.

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