College Class Ring Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated April 5, 2017
How large is the traditional ring?
The men's traditional college ring [size 10] dimensions are:

The stone is a 12x10mm oval stone.
The signet area is about 20mm.
The band is about 7mm at its thinnest point.

The women's traditional college ring [size 7] dimensions are:

The stone is a 8x6mm oval stone.
The signet area is about 13.7mm (this is the width from the top of the ring to bottom at it's longest point).
The band is about 3.6mm at its thinnest point.

How large is the men's and ladies' contemporary ring?
For a standard size 10, the men's contemporary college ring dimensions are:
The stone is a 12x9mm oval stone.
The signet area is 17x14mm.

For a standard size 7, the women's contemporary college ring dimensions are:

The stone is a 6.5x3.5mm oval stone.
The signet area 10x7mm.

How much do the traditional rings weigh?
The men's traditional ring weight is approximately 21 grams. The ladies' traditional ring is 8.71 grams. Larger sizes will add slightly more weight to the rings.
How much do the contemporary rings weigh?
The men's contemporary ring weight is approximately 14.6 grams. The ladies' contemporary ring is 4.8 grams. Larger sizes will add slightly more weight to the rings.
I can't find my school on your list. Can you make a ring for me?
If you attend a one- or two-year school, please type it in the space provided. We can make rings for any one or two-year school in the United States. For four-year schools, please select the state then browse the available schools to find yours. If your four-year school is not listed, we lack the license to produce that school's class rings, and must cancel any order we receive for it.

If the school you attended NO LONGER EXISTS, we CANNOT make a ring under any circumstances. The factory will reject any such request.

The graphics on the website don't show my degree. What degrees are available?
We offer many engraving options for your college degree. View the abbreviations we support.
What is the astralight stone effect?
Astralight is available on both smooth and faceted stones. Astralight is a special effect under the stone that gives the illusion of a rainbow beneath the stone.
What is the sundance stone effect?
Sundance is available on both smooth and faceted stones. Sundance is a special effect under the stone that gives the illusion of rays beneath the stone.
What is an encrusting?
This special option is a rich 10K yellow gold that is deeply embedded into the top of your stone. You have the option of choosing a symbol or a personal letter. If you choose a personal letter you can choose two lettering options: Block or Old English. TIP: Encrustings look best on dark stones. Sundance and astralight stone effects are not available if you choose an encrusting. Encrustings are available on smooth stones only.
What is a protected emblem?
This option allows you to highlight your stone with a special design underneath the stone. You have the option of choosing a symbol or a personal letter. If you choose a personal letter you have the option of block or old english lettering. TIP: Protected emblems work best with a light colored stone. Sundance and astralight stone effects are not available if you choose a protected emblem. Protected emblems are available on smooth stones only.
How large are the diamonds on the Gardenia ring?
The diamonds are 2.5 pts [.025 CT] each. Total CT weight is .10 CT for the Gardenia ring.
May I upgrade a simulated stone to a bezel top with diamond?
YES, you may upgrade at a later date to the diamond. The 1diamond bezel top is an additional fee and varies by style. You pay for applicable return shipping fees.
What stone colors are available?
There are 15 simulated stone colors available: Garnet, Amethyst Spinel, Aquamarine, White Spinel, Shamrock Spinel, Alexandrite, Ruby, Peridot, Fire Blue Spinel, Rose Zircon, Topaz, Blue Zircon, Hyacinth, Blue Spinel, Tourmaline. Two semi-precious gems are also available, Mother of Pearl and Black Onyx, these two stone colors are available on smooth stones only.
Are the rings closed-back?
Yes, all of our college rings are closed-back. This means the area beneath the stone is not open, there is a continuous metal shank beneath it.
What is a karat?
A karat is a measure of gold content in the jewelry material. Gold is a precious metal that is a wise investment due to it's durability and lasting value over time. Pure gold is 24k, 18K is 75% pure gold, 25% metal alloy; 14K is 58.5% pure gold, 41.5% metal alloy; 10K is 41.7% pure gold, 58.3% metal alloy. Gold comes in two colors, white or yellow.
What is SilverXT™ with platinum?
A precious metal alloy composed of 78% silver, 10% platinum and 12% metal alloy.
What is Antique Finish?
This traditional finish provides contrast which accents the fine detail of your ring with a dark background.
What is Brilliant Finish?
Brilliant finish is available on gold and SilverXT™ with platinum rings only and provides a high polish look.
Which side panel supports engraving for the graduation year?
Please choose the "Standard Education" side panel. It is the only side panel with the year option. Our numerous other side panels are for the degree.
Do you offer custom side panels?
We regret custom side panels are not available for any college ring. Due to licensing restrictions, we cannot use your school's seal, mascot nor official logo on the ring.
How do I find pricing?
Please review our catalog page for pricing: Group sales are always welcome, please contact us at 1 877 569 5957 ext 1, ask for group sales. Sorry, we do not wholesale our products.
What is the Gold Lance Warranty?
Gold Lance warrants our class rings to be free of defects in materials and workmanship. Upon receipt of your class ring, the warranty covers both the ring and the simulated birthstone to be without defect for the life of the ring. The full lifetime warranty covers the following without charge:
  • Repair defects in workmanship or materials.
  • Replace with a comparable new ring of equal value if repairs cannot be made to defect in workmanship or materials.
  • Replace damaged simulated birthstones. (Genuine stones are not covered.)
  • Resize ring.
  • Restore the original finish on your ring.
  • Should your year of graduation change, your year date will be changed.

For rings requiring full replacements, we will manufacture a new ring that is similar to the existing ring, as we cannot manufacture discontinued products on school names, which no longer exist. A fee may apply in the case of a remake.

The warranty is not valid if repair work was done on the ring outside of our factory. This warranty gives specific legal rights. You may have other rights that vary from state to state. The lifetime warranty is only available to the original ring owner.


Rings needing repair should be returned to your local Gold Lance jewelry store.
What is the Automatic Ring Protection Plan?
Gold Lance will automatically protect your gold and SilverXT™ with platinum ring from loss or theft. If your ring is lost or stolen and the loss or theft is reported to Gold Lance within (4) years from the shipment date of your original order, Gold Lance will, for a reduced replacement fee, replace the ring with a ring of the same design or a similar design of comparable value to the lost or stolen ring (genuine stones and diamonds excluded, except Black Onyx and Mother of Pearl.)

Each ring may only be replaced once following original purchase. Upon reporting of the loss or theft and payment of a replacement fee, Gold Lance covers the remaining costs to produce a replacement for your lost or stolen ring. See your ring assurance card for details.

To expedite the claims procedure, please contact Gold Lance at 1-800-252-5777.

How do I file a claim if my ring gets lost or stolen?
Follow these steps to expedite the claims procedure:
  • STEP 1: Contact Gold Lance by calling 1-800-252-5777
    Please have the following information available before calling Customer Service: prepare the store name and location of your original ring purchase, your name and address information and have a credit card available to charge the deductible.
  • STEP 2: Place your new ring order with the Customer Service Representative.
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