Coin Bezels Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated February 2, 2021
Which bezel fits my coin?
Each coin bezel is designed to fit a specific coin. Please refer to this chart.
Coin Name
Face Value

Gold 1 Oz American Buffalo, 2006-present 32.70mm 2.95mm $50
Gold 1/10 Oz American Eagle, 1986-present 16.5mm 1.19mm $5
Gold 1/4 Oz American Eagle, 1986-present 22.0mm 1.83mm $10
Gold 1/2 Oz American Eagle, 1986-present 27.0mm 2.24mm $25
Gold 1 Oz American Eagle, 1986-present 32.70mm 2.87mm $50
Gold 1/10 Oz American Liberty, 2018 16.5mm 1.19mm $10
Gold 1 Oz American Liberty, 2017 30.6mm 3.12mm $100
Gold 1 Oz American Liberty High Relief, 2019 30.6mm 3.12mm $100
Gold Mercury Dime, 2016-present 16.5mm 1.19mm 10 cents

Gold Dollar Coins 1849-1889
12.7mm TBA $1
Classic Head, Gold Quarter Eagle 1834-1839
19.2mm 1.2mm $2.50
Indian Head, Gold Quarter Eagle 1908-1915, 1925-1929
18mm 1.2mm $2.50
Liberty Head, Gold Quarter Eagle 1840-1907
18mm 1.2mm $2.50
Liberty Head, Gold Half Eagle 1840-1908
21.6mm TBA $5.00
Liberty Head, Gold Eagle 1838-1907
27.0mm TBA $10.00
Indian Head, Gold Eagle 1907-1933
27.0mm TBA $10.00
Liberty Head, Gold Double Eagle 1849-1907
34.1mm 2.0mm $20.00
Saint Gaudens, Gold Double Eagle 1907-1933
34.1mm 2.0mm $20.00

British Gold Coins
Great Britain 1/10 oz Gold Britannia BU (Queen Elizabeth II) 16.5mm 1.8mm 10 Pounds

Chinese Gold Coins
Gold 1/10 Oz Chinese Panda, 1982-present 17.95mm 1.05mm 10 Yuan 1982-2000, 50 Yuan 1983-present
Gold 1/4 Oz Chinese Panda, 1982-present 21.95mm 1.53mm 25 Yuan 1982-2000, 100 Yuan 1983-present
Gold 1/2 Oz Chinese Panda, 1982-present 27.0mm 1.85mm 50 Yuan 1982-2000, 200 Yuan 1983-present
Gold 1 Oz Chinese Panda, 1982-present 32.05mm 2.70mm 100 Yuan 1982-2000, 500 Yuan 1983-present

Silver Coins
Silver 1 Oz American Eagle, 1986-present 40.60mm 2.98mm $1
Silver Morgan Dollar, 1878 to 1904, 1921 38.1mm 2.40mm $1
Silver Peace Dollar, 1921 to 1928, 1934 and 1935 38.1mm 2.40mm $1
Silvertowne 1 oz Rounds 39mm 2.9mm No denomination

Will the coin bezel I want fit my chain?
First, measure the width of your chain in millimeters. Then, please read the item description to determine the maximum width chain that can fit the bezel.
Do you make bezels for challenge coins?
No, our coin bezels will not fit challenge coins. Please contact a local jeweler or coin dealer that may be able to assist you with a custom bezel.
How do I put the coin inside the bezel?
We offer screw-top and prong-set coin bezels. Special tools aren't required. There is a small screw at the top of the bezel that you may unscrew to loosen the bezel to fit the coin inside. For prong set bezels, the coin can be gently pressed into the prongs. If you are concerned about breaking the bezel, please ask a local jeweler to mount the coin in the bezel.
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