Popular College Degree Abbreviations

AA Associate of Arts
AAS Associate of Applied Science
AS Associate of Science
BA Bachelor of Arts
BAAS Bachelor of Applied Arts and Science
BArch Bachelor of Architecture
BASc Bachelor of Applied Science
BATD Bachelor of Arts Theater & Dance
BBA Bachelor of Business Administration
BBS Bachelor of Business Science
BComm Bachelor of Commerce
BD Bachelor of Divinity
BEd Bachelor of Education
BEng Bachelor of Engineering
BFA Bachelor of Fine Arts
BIArch Bachelor of Interior Architecture
BLA Bachelor of Landscape Architecture
BM Bachelor of Music
BS Bachelor of Science
BSASE Bachelor of Science Aerospace Engineering
BSBC Bachelor of Science Biochemistry
BSBIO Bachelor of Science Biology
BSCHM Bachelor of Science Chemistry
BSCS Bachelor of Science Computer Science
BSCE Bachelor of Science Civil Engineering
BSECO Bachelor of Science Economics
BSEE Bachelor of Science Electircal Engineering
BSEP Bachelor of Science Engineering Physics
BSET Bachelor of Science Engineering Technology
BSF Bachelor of Science in Forestry
BSMT Bachelor of Science Medical Technology
BSMTH Bachelor of Science Mathematics
BSN Bachelor of Science Nursing
BSPHY Bachelor of Science Physics
BST Bachelor of Sacred Theology
BSW Bachelor of Social Work
CA Chartered Accountant
CE Civil Engineer
ChE Chemical Engineer
CP Certificate of Proficiency
CPA Certified Public Accountant
CRC Ceritified Rehabilitation Counselor
CVE Certified Vocational Evaluator
DCL Doctor of Civil Law
DDS Doctor of Dental Surgery
DEd Doctor of Education
DO Doctor of Osteopathy
DMA Doctor of Musical Arts
DS Doctor of Science
DVM Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
EBMA Executive Master of Business Administration
EdD Doctor of Education
EE Electrical Engineer
GED Graduate Equivalency Diploma
JD Doctor of Jurisprudence
LHD Doctor of Humanities
LLB Bachelor of Legal Letters
LLD Doctor of Laws
LPC Licensed Professional Counselor
LSW Licensed Social Worker
LSWA Licensed Social Work Associate
LLB Bachelor of Laws
MA Master of Arts
MActg Master of Accounting
MArch Master of Architecture
MAT Master of Arts in Teaching
MBA Master of Business Administration
MCC Master of Christian Counseling
MCE Master of Civil Engineering
MCRP Master of Community & Regional Planning
MD Medical Doctor
ME Mechanical Engineer
MEd Master of Education
MFA Master of Fine Arts
MJ Master of Journalism
MHRIR Master of Human Resources & Industrial Relations
MIArch Master of Interior Architecture
MLA Master of Landscape Architecture
MLS Master of Liberal Studies
MM Master of Music
MMEd Master of Music Education
MPA Master of Public Administration
MPH Master of Public Health
MS Master of Science
MSE Master of Software Engineering
MSEd Master of Science Education
MSW Master of Social Work
MTPW Master of Technical and Professional Writing
PharmD Doctor of Pharmacy
PhB Bachelor of Philosophy
PhD Doctor of Philosophy
PhG Graduate in Pharmacy
RN Registered Nurse
VS Veterinary Surgeon
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